Now you can have the chance to have a completely original character for yourself. Made by me!


What is? 

Adoptables are character designs that you can buy and use as you wish. For example: in stories, D&D games, comics, roleplay, commissioning other artists, etc. You can trade them or resell later.


How works?

The adoptables are sold via auction. These auctions are won via either  bids that gradually increase, or sometimes AB (autobuy price). The auctions will happen exclusively on Instagram and on Tumblr they will also be posted BUT only the AB will be available.

💕For my dear Patreons, theses OC Adopts  will be made available with 24 hours in advance. And the patrons who adopt these ocs will receive the respective discount on the final amount. ☺️ (10% second tier and 15% for the third tier)

More Details:

  • The ocs will be all non-humans. 

  • Most of them will be males or nonbinary gender.

  •  For  SB will be around 30 ~ 40$

  • AB will be around 100 ~120$ ( + gets a SFW nude)

  • They will have a toyhouse for who is anxious to adopt chars without it. :)

Moe Adopts2.png