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Special Guide

The basic info for I do your commission! :)

tier 2.png
  1. Type of commission: Sketch / Portrait / Illustration and Black&White / Colored

  2. Shot: Bust < Waist up < Full body

  3. Pose: Static < Dynamic.

  4. Character: short appearance description.

  5. Outfit: short description of the most important outfit elements.

  6. Background: Simple, gradient background is included. For detailed or illustrated backgrounds, references will be welcome.

  7. Size/Resolution. (I normally do a full body around, 5000px)

  8. Deadline. (Normally I need 3 days - 1 week. But let me know if there is none.)

  9. Additional important information and suggestions. (e.g. colors, mood, expression, scars, marks, etc.)

  10. Your budget for this commission. This is helpful when it comes to matching a level of details or size to your budget.

  11. License: private or commercial use. Please state clearly what is the purpose of the requested image.

  12. Don't worry too much, if I need more info, I will ask. But you can give a special authorization to freely create and fill the gaps if you wish too  :)

Special Guide: About
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